How it all began

Moritz v. Karp grains, founder of Macadamia by PANTHÈRE NUE

Macadamia by PANTHÈRE NUE stands for hand-finished macadamia pralines with a subtle touch of luxury. Fundamental values ​​that, as part of our sustainable philosophy, create a naturally delicate connection between the honest passion for good taste and the great responsibility towards nature, the environment and our fellow human beings.

Our most important ingredients: quality, sustainability and a great deal of honesty

Nobody is more strongly and closely linked to the Panthère Nue brand than Moritz, who is looking for more than two decades as an expert in sales, brand building and marketing finally in spring 2021 wanted to go his own way. Previously, the Hamburg native worked in a wide variety of positions and industries, with a lot of passion and even more commitment, both small and large Building and expanding brands within the food and beverage industry. But what about him? What was increasingly missing were fundamental values ​​such as sustainability, fair trade and social acceptable economic activity.

Good taste is always a question of fair working conditions.

Logical consequence: Building your own brand with a “real” story behind it. And the creation of a company that neither enriches itself from the performance of others exploitative business practices. A project close to our hearts in which quality standards and fair trade on an equal footing are always more important than short-term profit and maximum profits.

“Excellent taste is what ultimately matters. What really shapes us, us sustainably inspires us and leads us to loyal, sustainable customers.”

Because good taste can and must never be just a question of returns. That applies to them Selection and procurement of high-quality ingredients as well as for processing and distribution of our handmade products. Premium quality that our demanding customers don't can only see and feel, but above all also taste.