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Macadamia by PANTHÈRE NUE

2 gift box

2 gift box

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The "Macadamia by PANTHÈRE NUE - Gift Box of 2" is an elegant and delicious gift option filled with two generous jars (180g each) of exquisite macadamia creations. This gift box offers a premium selection of moments of indulgence and is perfect as a small gift or present for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. It is also ideal for pampering yourself and enjoying PANTHÈRE NUE's unique macadamia creations .

The high-quality gift box gives the gift box a luxurious touch and presents the two first-class flavors in an appealing way:

  • Dulce de Leche Macadamia : Immerse yourself in the sweet temptation of Dulce de Leche, a creamy caramel treat that is in perfect harmony with the crunchy macadamia nuts. This combination of rich sweetness and delicate texture creates an unparalleled taste experience.
  • Salty Milk Choc Macadamia : Enjoy the wonderful combination of salty milk chocolate and delicate macadamia nuts. The sweetness of the chocolate harmonizes with the savory taste of the roasted nuts and creates a balanced and irresistible treat.

These two flavors offer a wide range of taste experiences that are perfectly matched and highlight the unique note of macadamia nuts.

Whether as a gift for special occasions or for your own enjoyment, the "Macadamia by PANTHÈRE NUE - Gift Box of 2" promises unforgettable taste moments that pamper both the palate and the senses.


Crisp quality – from the harvest to the macadamia gift box

When making our macadamia creations, we only use sustainable and fairly traded ingredients of the highest quality. Our macadamia nuts come from controlled organic cultivation in Kenya, are shelled on site, cracked and imported to Hamburg. Depending on the product, they are then packaged untreated or roasted by hand, coated with a layer of chocolate and refined with high-quality ingredients. The finished creations are then carefully packaged in recyclable disposable jars to keep the aromas in.

Only the best ingredients for the best taste

Ingredients: Macadamia nuts from controlled organic cultivation, country of origin: Kenya, hand-finished in Germany. Store in a dry place, protect from heat and light. May contain traces of milk products, other nuts and soy . Store in a dry place, protect from heat, moisture and light.

180g Dulce de Leche
180g Salty Milk Choc

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